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Natural Sciences and Mathematical Games
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Here you find some amusement, much interesting and valuable, of course !

Fractals and Chemistry --- An Introduction Working out of a talk given at the Ruhr University Bochum, Institute of Physical Chemistry II on May 18th, 1994 --- what you always wanted to know about fractals and their interrelation to chemistry ! (in German)

Visit my christmas trees page ! Okay, Christmas is only once per year, but nevertheless you should feel free to take a look on this page ! :-)

Assess yourself: Real Programmers are seldom ! After the reading of this page you know, what to think about IT's and application programmers . . . :-)

De frigoris natura --- Disputation of Professor Finckius, Hafnia 1652 about the nature of the universal subject of the universal cold --- a very special reading material ! :-) (in German)

HP-41CX Selected (game) programs --- my best of all toys - or : the beginning of my "career" as a programmer . . . ;-)

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